Sunday, April 1, 2007

New Toy.

Pacific Beach wasn't interesting. All the guys looked like cookie-cutter dumb over-gelled jocks. The girls were nasal chattering high-heeled ninnies. It wasn't my speed. I didn't want to listen to ska or hip-hop and drink Buds.

In absence of hot human stimulation, my mission changed. I was on the prowl -- for a sex shop. I found only one on Garnet Ave. Doctor Love's.

It's been years since I bought a sex toy. Most were bought with my last live-in boyfriend, B--. Those were some good ole days. He was quite skilled manually and orally and always made sure I came. He was happy to use new toys on me. It was fun experimenting.

I had some trouble deciding. There was a lot to choose from. Some were way too intimidating. I didn't want to overwhelm my pussy. I knew I wanted something phallic and flexible, not too thick or long. I wasn't sure if I wanted a simple dildo or a vibe, ridged or smooth, with or without balls. Color was also an issue, because too realistic a flesh tone is weird for me, but too unnatural might be a turnoff too.

Upon the recommendation of the sales lady, I bought my first "rabbit," one with a penis-shaped dildo and small attached vibrating part for clitoral stimulation. (The part looks more like a platypus than a rabbit.) It wasn't top of the line, but something to get me through the week.

I tried to out last night it. And this afternoon. And this early evening. It's quite nice. Its modest thickness and length were spot on. It was nice feeling something almost like a good hard fuck. I'm glad I chose a waterproof version, so I used it in the shower too.

There were some drawbacks of course. I could never get a guy to really fuck me as fast as I can get my hand can go, but my wrist did get fatigued. Also the vibrator function is not very fancy and cannot be modulated like some other vibes I've had -- it's easy to overstimulate my clit, which leaves it nearly numb. The subtleties of a tongue or finger or penis are better. Because of this overstimulation, I was close but never actually climaxed. (I think if I upgrade to a better "rabbit" I'll get one with both clitoral and anal stimulation.) And I enjoy all the hair, skin, sweat, smell, breath of real sex too. I miss talking dirty and moaning into a guy's ear.

Overall though, I'm happy to have splurged. I am definitely going to have a some very fun nights and days till I get back to New York.

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